Case Study: Brand Guideline, Corporate Brochure, and Website Design for Directing Support Inc.

Discover how we created a cohesive brand identity, corporate brochure, and website for Directing Support Inc., a Canadian healthcare company, enhancing their professional image and communication.

Directing Support Inc. is a healthcare company based in Canada that specializes in providing comprehensive support and services to individuals with disabilities. They approached our agency to create a cohesive brand identity that would reflect their mission and values. The project included designing a logo, business cards, other brand materials, a corporate brochure, and a new website.



  • Develop a distinctive and professional brand identity.
  • Create a logo that embodies the company’s commitment to assistance, empowerment, and community.
  • Design business cards and other brand materials.
  • Produce a corporate brochure that effectively communicates their services and mission.
  • Design a user-friendly and visually appealing website to enhance their online presence.

Solution: We developed a complete brand guideline, corporate brochure, and website for Directing Support Inc., ensuring every element aligned with their vision and values.

Brand Guideline:

Logo Design:

  • Concept: The logo features a stylized hand reaching out to support another hand, symbolizing assistance, empowerment, and community.
  • Colors:
    • Magenta: Represents passion, compassion, and energy.
    • Green Leaf: Symbolizes growth, renewal, and vitality, integrated into the typography to signify the brand’s commitment to holistic well-being and environmental sustainability.

Color Psychology:

  • Magenta: Symbolizes passion, compassion, and creativity, reflecting the company’s dedication to providing innovative and empathetic support.
  • Light Green: Represents renewal, growth, and well-being, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to fostering personal development and holistic care.
  • Together, these colors evoke a sense of energy, harmony, and trust, resonating with the brand’s mission to empower individuals with disabilities and promote inclusive communities.

Brand Materials:

  • Business Cards: Designed with the new logo and color scheme, ensuring a professional and consistent appearance.
  • Other Materials: Including letterheads, envelopes, and email signatures, all maintaining the brand’s visual identity.

Corporate Brochure:

  • Design and Layout: We created a visually appealing and informative brochure that highlights Directing Support Inc.’s services, values, and mission.
  • Content Development: Worked closely with the client to develop compelling content that effectively communicates their offerings and the impact of their services.
  • Print and Digital Versions: Provided both print-ready files and a digital version for online distribution, ensuring broad accessibility.

Website Design:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed a responsive and user-friendly website that ensures a seamless experience across all devices.
  • Visual Appeal: Utilized the brand’s color scheme and visual elements to create a cohesive and appealing design.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Implemented a CMS to allow the client to easily update and manage website content.
  • Feature Highlights: Included sections for services, team, testimonials, and a blog to provide comprehensive information to visitors.
  • SEO Optimization: Ensured the website was optimized for search engines to improve online visibility.

Results: The new brand identity, corporate brochure, and website have significantly enhanced Directing Support Inc.’s professional image. The cohesive and compelling visual identity has helped them better communicate their mission and connect with their audience, reinforcing their commitment to providing exceptional support and fostering inclusive communities.

Client Feedback: The client was extremely satisfied with the final deliverables, praising the creativity, professionalism, and thoroughness of our work. The new branding, brochure, and website have been well-received by their stakeholders and clients, helping to establish a strong and recognizable presence in the healthcare industry.

Directing Support Inc.
Brand Guideline, Corporate Brochure, and Website Design

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