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Ikorodu Drive-in Cinema

During the Covid-19 lockdown in Nigeria, Blue Pictures in collaboration with the Gendslaw team decided to host a first-of-its-kind drive-in Cinema event in the heart of Ikorodu. This was no mean feat and they brought our experts on board to help pull this off. Here is a breakdown of how we made the Ikorodu drive-in cinema, a success. 

The Challenge

As a new kid on the block, Blue Pictures needed to pull off its first major event, successfully. To achieve this, it had to build enough social interest and gather maximum publicity for this “relatively-new” event, in a pandemic. Hence, the challenge was how to gain massive online traction for an event organized by a brand with minimal popularity. 

Our Approach

After carrying out our audit and research, we decided to leverage paid and organic channels to not only generate traction but also get people to buy tickets for the event. To pull this off, we had to create and grow the event’s social media presence in record time. 

The Process

The first step was to set up social media pages for the event across popular channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In one week, we were able to gather more than 1,300 followers on the Instagram account. We recorded similar success on the Facebook and Twitter pages. 

With the social media pages ready, we dived into online publicity for the event. Apart from creating and sharing content organically on these pages, we also ran successful paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. See the image below for the analytics of the ads. 

Furthermore, we leveraged influencer marketing for social media publicity on Twitter, using well-researched and specific hashtags. 

As the event drew closer, we worked on different types of written content and shared these with digital media partners including Too We also wrote and published an official event press release on our blog. You can read it here

The Result

We are proud of the excellent results we achieved for the Ikorodu Drive-in Cinema project in a limited time and in a pandemic too! By providing top-notch digital marketing services, we were able to attract a large audience for the event and significantly boost its overall social presence. Check out media recordings (pictures and videos) of the Ikorodu Drive-in Cinema.

Watch the video here: Ikorodu Drive-in Cinema