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Lady Lorp Beauty Bar

Logo and stationery design for a new nail salon brand

lady lorp mockup

As a small business looking to scale, the Lady Lorp Beauty Bar team figured that the brand needed an improved aesthetic appeal. They got in touch with our team and we created the right brand visual Identity that screams class and style. Here is how we did it. 

The Challenge

As a beauty brand, Lady Lorp needed a visual brand identity that reflects the excellent work that they do. The goal was to incorporate style, class, and elegance into this identity. The challenge was creating a brand visual representation that could blend with the industry while standing out from the competition.

Old logo

The Process

We knew that the first thing we had to change for the brand was its logo. Here, our creative team chose to go all out. We decided to come up with different logo concepts that directly represent the primary target audience of the brand – women. 

We chose purple as the brand colour because it is a promise of royalty; for the brand and its primary target market. In other words, Lady Lorp customers are royalty and the team treats them as such across different brand touchpoints. 


The Result 

In the end, we were able to aptly fit in all the expectations of the Lady Lorp team in an aesthetically pleasing logo. The new Lady Lorp Beauty Bar logo speaks to the primary needs of the target audience. It communicates the value of the brand while making succinct promises of class, style, and elegance.