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Mr kyels

Mr Kyels

When the Mr. Kyels brief landed on our desk, we knew one thing immediately; we needed to match the brand’s visual identity with the awesome services it provides. With this in mind, we got to work. Grab some popcorn as we show you the creative process that transformed Mr. Kyels from an everyday brand into its new dapper and dynamic look. 

mr kyels old logo
Mr Kyels’ old logo

About Mr. Kyels 

Mr. Kyels is a leading IT project management company in Lagos. Since its inception, the Mr. Kyels team has been wholly committed to providing top-notch services cutting across the ICT and Engineering sectors in the country. 

The Challenge 

Despite its presence in the IT project industry for more than 6 years, Mr. Kyels had sparse digital footprints; especially in terms of its branding and online presence. Hence, the challenge was to create an all-encompassing visual identity that reflects the professionalism and core values of the brand. 

Logo design options

The Process

First, we chose a new colour for the brand. The challenge here was finding a colour that is both familiar and unique. After much deliberation, our in-house design team decided on a darker shade of blue to make the brand stand out within its industry. 

Next, we created several logo concepts that we shared with the client. We wanted the logo to align with the simple and professional appeal of the brand. Once the client approved our concept, we went on to create brand mock-ups on different real-life scenarios. We wanted to show how the new logo sits on billboards, brochures, and business cards.

Website Design Process

Following the success of the Mr. Kyels branding project, the team requested that we improve its online presence by revamping the website. What we did was to create a simple and accessible website that aligns with the value of the brand and spurs sales.

In the end, we put together an improved website that has the same look and feel as the brochure; thus achieving brand familiarity. The rebranded website has a life-chat app and e-commerce functionalities to improve user experience. 

mr kyels pc view

The Result

The rebranded Mr. Kyels’ visual identity communicates the value and expertise of the brand appealingly. It gives the brand a distinct and unique presence that reinforces its place as a key industry player with a modern approach.

mr kyels mobile view

Click here to see the improved website.

The brand’s aesthetics are pleasing and spark up curiosity in the minds of its audience. Do you want to rebrand your business? Reach out to us now.

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