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Overview / Challenge

A logistics business has different arms under it, and the day-to-day running can involve a lot of hustle and bustle.

However, the myriad of activities shouldn’t reflect on the company’s official page; which is what the founders of sought to ensure.

In line with the company’s keywords, “swiftness and timeliness,” we sought to capture simplicity, control, and responsiveness in the look and feel of the site.


Highlighted Goals for 'Shipusnow' Logistics Website
Highlighted Goals for ‘Shipusnow’ Logistics Website

a. Create an easy-to-navigate website that has salient pain points for customers on one page.

Pain points include an overview of the company, it’s services, testimonials, contact form, and a tracker.

b. Hybrid (device) accessibility.


Prototyping and Testing for 'Shipusnow' Logistics Website
Prototyping and Testing for ‘Shipusnow’ Logistics Website

After designing the website template, we structured the site into various pages to enable each type of client segment easily access the structures according to their interests and needs.

The result was creating a website that…


Desktop View for ‘Shipusnow’ Logistics Website

a. Is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate website interface, especially for non tech-savvy logistics users.

b. Hybrid compatibility and accessibility – for ensured capacity and coverage.

c. Easy to navigate segments according to user pain points.

d. Error-proof site with ensured speed and reliability for a memorable user experience.

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