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Why Your Retail Business Needs an Online Store

More customers are gradually warming up to the idea of online shopping. In 2017, an estimate of 1.66 billion people purchased goods online. Instead of still being hesitant about this growing trend, it`s time to take the bull by the horns, capitalize on e-commerce, and learn how to set-up and own an online store.

If your business relies on selling goods or services, having an online shop is essential. The success of your venture largely depends on the ecommerce platform it runs on. A range of modern online commerce engines allows selecting an option to fit a specific business best.

What is e-commerce?
E-commerce refers to buying and selling of goods and services online and it is important because not only does it help you serve your existing customers properly, it also helps you connect with new audiences. E-commerce has evolved over the years, and as continued to grow rapidly. It started in the 1960s when Mails and Fax had to be delivered electronically. E-commerce as expanded so much that it takes just 3 minutes to create your own Online Store on

Here are some benefits of E-commerce you should take note of:
1.24/7 shopping: E-commerce websites allows shoppers to check out your products and make their buying decisions at any time, day or night. This makes the buying process easier for your buyers, and stands as a huge competitive advantage for your business
2.Global reach: E-commerce websites allows you to reach out to people all over the world, which increases your customer base and boost income.
3.Tracking and taking customers data: When you have an online store, you are able to track your customer`s every click, purchase and wants. Keeping the data for invoice or reference.

I have no IT experience. How can I create an online store?

There are hundreds of online store builders that can help you sort this out. You can hire a web agency like Pheegoh to build this for you. There are flexible plans for setting up one.

If you’re worried about the cost, you can setup your website through an online website builder like Storexy which costs about $20 monthly or $166 per year, depending on how you want it to run. No technical knowledge needed. An example is this food website Fully functional with a chat system and a lot of other features. Imagine being able to have all that in minutes. That’s how simple the platform makes it.

Before choosing any platform,
1.Make sure it is user friendly and it can guide your Customers during the ordering process
2. Choose an online store that supports or align with your mode of payments. Whatever e-commerce store you are using, it has to have the mode of payment that works for your brand in all currencies
3.Make sure your e-commerce store is mobile friendly. Studies have shown that 60% of people shop for goods on their mobile devices. You want to make sure that your store is easy to navigate either on mobile or PC.

I sell on Instagram. Do I still need a website?

Hmmmm. So, what is better – using an online store website or Instagram profile as your primary means for business promotion? It all depends on your social media marketing strategy. Why should you stick to only one option? Use both!

In terms of SEO, a website or web store gives you a possibility to rank in Google, Bing, or Yahoo to be found by those customers who do not use Instagram. In fact, a very large number of your potential customers are searching google for products you probably sell right now. These customers have a higher chance of buying your products because they need it (and were looking online for it when they found you), unlike when it just shows up on their timeline. Undoubtedly, Instagram offers mind-blowing advertising possibilities, but is it that comfortable for doing shopping?

For sure, using a typical platform like Storexy and the rest which allows filtering products by types and categories, as well as provides maximum product details is a lot more comfortable! You can use your webstore as an online catalog which customers can easily navigate through categories and product types. On the other hand, an endorsed Instagram post can help in raising sales of a specific product or service.

As you see, the success of your online business will mainly depend on how you can combine both methods for your company specifically. Give it a try and share your experience!

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